Need an editor or a collaborative strategist? Email me a little information about your project and we'll see if we're a fit.* 

Services I offer:

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Editing Services

Resumes, Cover Letters,​ & LinkedIn Profiles 👩‍💼✍️

Your resume should be crystal clear and make you stand out in the right ways. It should also — hear me out — be kind of fun to read. 


I check for:

  • Spelling and grammar

  • Readability and clarity 

  • Consistency in your tone and message

  • Formatting issues

We'll also make sure you sound 1) human and 2) like yourself!

I'm best equipped to evaluate your resume or profile if you work in marketing, advertising, writing, education, hospitality, or the service industry.

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Website Copy, Documents, & Blogs 📄✍️

Depending on the stage of your piece, I can provide comprehensive edits or a simple proofread. We'll work together to evaluate your project and decide what level of service is most valuable.

Strategy Services

Web Content Strategy 🗺🤳

In my experience, "content strategy" has a lot of different meanings. Every content strategist has different specialties, interests, and technical capabilities.


Based on my content strategy background, here's what I can help you accomplish:

  • Brand messaging — Define your purpose, story, and goals for an online audience

  • Platform strategy — Determine what type(s) of content your audience wants to see and where they should see it

  • Website structuring — Organize, or re-organize, your website's content by planning site maps, categories, and tags

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) — Optimize your website for Google searches 

If you're in the planning stages of your web project, I can also provide a project checklist session to help you determine the project scope and what types of expertise to seek out for each piece or phase.

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*I determine my rate on a project-by-project basis and will provide you a quote after our initial chat. If I'm not the gal for the job, I'll do my best to consult my network and refer you to someone with the skills needed for your project.

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